Georgia real estate

Georgia real estate is one of the most profitable investment areas in Georgia,

due to the increase in the number of tourists and international tourists in Georgia and its cities

In addition to its population of more than 3.7 million people, which makes it possible to increase real estate investment opportunities.

Georgia also has an excellent regional position between Asia and Europe,

in addition to visa-waiver for more than 94 countries,

Persons with multiple visas and valid residence permits who can enter and reside in Georgia for a period of 90 days are also highlighted.

Information about the country of Georgia

Living and living in Georgia, in addition to housing, is one of life’s greatest joys.

After knowing the famous name of Georgia, “White Heaven on Earth”, your desires may increase. Moving to Georgia to live

guarantees that you will enjoy many advantages of life in one of the most beautiful countries of the Caucasus,

Known as the white paradise on earth, in addition to many stunning landscapes, one of the most important areas of Georgia

that you will know about with its tourist areas and cities.

The advantages of living in Georgia are as follows:

Provide excellent service at a low price, whether in shopping or in life,

and get enough food to meet your needs throughout the day.

Life in Georgia is distinguished by a feeling of security,

which allows you to spend one of the best and most relaxing vacations.

Georgians are no different from their generosity and kindness, as everyone who visits the country attests to.

The hospitality, generosity and kindness of the Georgian people are the best,

So there is little chance that something bad will happen during your travel or stay.

Enjoy the many tourist areas around you and which city you are in Georgia.

In addition to the possibility of exchanging cultures in Georgia, because it includes a large number of tourists of different nationalities and customs.

It is also considered the first tourist destination for many diverse countries, such as, Azerbaijan, Iranians, Turks, Syrians and Egyptians.

Georgian cuisine is one of the most important tourist attractions in Georgia, because it has many advantages, including good and wonderful taste,

That is, you will enjoy tasting the most delicious food, baked goods, pastries and traditional Georgian food in general

?Why is Georgia considered one of the best and cheapest real estate in Europe

There are many advantages that make Georgia one of the best real estate markets in the world. We will get to know the most prominent of them as follows:

First, government facilities:

The government provides all facilities and guarantees to foreign investors in order to guarantee their right and encourage them

to invest in Georgia.

The government has also become more keen in recent times to provide a suitable economic and investment environment for

foreigners than ever before.

Therefore, the state allows foreigners to set up projects and invest in Georgia, and provides all facilities and guarantees for them.

It is common knowledge that all European countries do not allow foreigners to invest in them and own real estate or lands in

their own name, and make it a monopoly only for the people of the state.

However, Georgia is not considered one of these countries, but rather encourages foreign real estate investment in it.

Second, the nature of the country:

There are many beautiful landscapes in Georgia, many advantages, natural resources, mountain scenery and European

countryside views that make it one of the most beautiful European cities.

In addition to the presence of the Black Sea and its passage next to the state, the presence of beaches and the semi-tropical

climate, which distinguishes it and makes it worth living there

Third, lower prices:

Georgia is characterized by lower prices than other European countries, as it occupies the first place in the cheapest European

countries in terms of apartments, real estate and the cost of living.

Therefore, the most successful investments in Georgia are real estate investments and land purchases, because they are very

cheap and guaranteed and there is no room for loss.

?Why invest in Georgia real estate

Unique Location Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

The country’s special geographical location gives many advantages in import and export activities.

International business and investment in foreign trade. Foreign relations and the way the country opens up to foreign investment.

A unique site and according to the “Global Competitiveness Report” issued by the World Economic Forum, Georgia is

considered one of the countries in the world where it is easy to conduct business in an easy way.

Be it a local entrepreneur or an investor. It has a low tax economy. Affordable life is the cost of living in Tbilisi,

Georgia is one of the most affordable cities in the world, even lower than some countries like India and Asia.

Security with Georgia’s reforms in the political and liberal areas and a lower crime rate of 19.8 compared to other countries,

Georgia is considered one of the safest countries in the world. It’s a good opportunity and a safe place. A place to live,

entertain and stay away from the crowds.

The ancient civilization Georgia’s ancient and ancient history has given it a special identity because it guarantees a unique and

different way of life compared to other countries.

The real estate and hotel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Georgian economy. You can easily check the

prices of houses, apartments and villas in Georgia.

In recent years, Georgia has experienced a dynamic growth of international tourists, with this number of international tourists

reaching 5.9 million in 2017,

Georgia has a population of only 3.7 million. The number of international tourists is expected to increase by 8% to 10% in the

next five years.

?What are the benefits of investing in Georgia real estate

Simple costs and low prices for real estate.

Continuing tourism throughout the year and increasing the number of tourists throughout the year.

There are job opportunities available for expatriates and state residents.

Georgia has unique and distinctive prices and has no competitor.

The rental rates are very good.

There are no obstacles for foreign investors.

The government does not impose property taxes on foreigners.

There is a liberal visa regime.

The possibility of obtaining permanent residence when you own a property.

There is diversity in industries and economic growth in Georgia.

The low wages of laborers in Georgia, in addition to their great skill.

Georgia real estate investment

If you want to invest in real estate in Georgia, you can check the prices of Georgian villas, because most of the investors

outside Georgia can buy them at reasonable prices.

For residential properties, there are no special requirements for foreigners and no additional taxes, and the only documents

required to become an owner are a copy of the passport and a certificate of real estate purchase.

The property registration is very fast, the property registration process can be completed almost instantly, you do not need to

spend any fees within 4 working days,

Otherwise, the simple procedure of registering your property on the same day will definitely cost you more. In addition,

Georgian real estate investment will allow you to obtain residency in Georgia,

Because all property sales in Georgia are done with full ownership, you can buy in your name, but foreigners can also set up

businesses to own in the state under Georgia real estate law.

When buying commercial real estate such as hotels, shops, shops and restaurants, the same procedures and steps that are

taken in residential real estate apply.

Investment Opportunities in Georgia

Tourism in Georgia Georgia has become one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Since 2017, the growth index has

reached the highest level, and the number of tourists in Georgia has increased by more than 30%. In the next data,

Various indicators continue to rise and grow.

The opportunity to obtain permanent residence is one of the biggest advantages of real estate investment and sale of

apartments in Tbilisi,

Georgia gives you the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in Georgia because it gets the same benefits as the original

Georgian residents.

Georgia has a high occupancy rate due to the strong tourist demand in Georgia, the rate of tourists is much faster than the

number of hotel rooms in the market,

This results in high occupancy rates of more than 80% of best-selling properties, especially during the busiest summer

months. Great financial return Investing in real estate in Georgia can guarantee you an incredible rental return,

High demand and low supply are the best way to get a good return.

This hasn’t been kept for long, night to night you may find a huge turnout the price increases several times so you can be one

of them.

There are no taxes You will not spend in Georgia your property taxes, because the cost of registering real estate in Georgia is

estimated at a negligible cost.