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Tbilisi X-Life, Tbilisi is located in the State of Georgia in the Caucasus. Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia.

The Kura River passes through the city of Tbilisi, which in turn divides it into two main parts. The presence of this river in the

city had several benefits.

The first benefit is that it gives the city beauty and a good reputation among tourists. The second benefit is that it gives it a

strategic role among the rest of the cities.

As it is considered the bridge that connects the east to the west, and it is the first line that transports the oil of the Caspian


Information about the city of Tbilisi

The area of ​​the city of Tbilisi is about four hundred million square meters,

and the population of the city of Tbilisi, according to

statistics in 2012, is about 1,473.551 people.

The official religion in the city of Tbilisi and in the entire state of Georgia is Christianity according to the Orthodox doctrine

The proportion of Christians in the city is about 89% of the total population,

while the proportion of Muslims in the country is

about 4%.

In addition to some minorities such as Greeks, Russians and Armenians, they make up about 7% of the population

The climate of Tbilisi is considered the preferred climate by many, as it is moderate throughout the four seasons of the year

The chance of snow falling every year is also very large, which made it a tourist attraction every year and a destination for

many tourists.

Tbilisi Airport is located on the eastern side of the city, 18 km away.

There is also a duty free market, fast food restaurants, shops, places to buy souvenirs, as well as currency exchange offices.

About the most famous tourist places in Tbilisi

Borjomi has a unique autumnal atmosphere and the charm of nature. Botanical garden. Narikala forest.

Old churches such as: Mama Daveti Church, Father David Mtatsminda Pantheon Church and Necrisi Church.

Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, whose history can be traced back to the beginning of the eleventh century, was named after the

then ruler, King Bagrati III.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral on the Kura River is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Professor Chapikani

discovered Satplia Cave with traces of dinosaur life.

Tsinandali Park covers an area of ​​18 hectares and was created by writer and researcher Alexander Chavchavdz.

Bakuriani Resort is suitable for adventurous skiers. Labadi Castle complex, or some call it the jewel in the crown, or Georgia


Turtle Lake in the town of Jaki. The Abanatubeni sulfur bath east of the Kura River is a place of healing and healing. National

Botanical Garden on the southern slope of Mount Soloraki.

In addition to the Art Museum, which contains 140,000 Georgian masterpieces and more.

?What is the general atmosphere in Tbilisi

You will enjoy a lot of wandering in Tbilisi and walking, especially in the archaeological sites and the old city and its surroundings.

But one of the best things about Tbilisi is that it also has very good quality and easy to use public transportation.

In order to enjoy your visit in Tbilisi, you must visit the old city and make it part of your tourism program in this beautiful city.

Then you will also enjoy the narrow streets of the city, as they are paved and have gravel, which makes it look like a maze.

You should also visit many churches and mosques in this city, which are very amazing and you will feel very comfortable in

them, not to mention the beauty of the view and the architecture there.

The churches in the city of Georgia are also very beautiful and distinctive, and this may be due to the reason that Georgia was

one of the first countries to embrace Christianity as the state religion, in addition to the Sioni Cathedral.

You should also visit Narikala Fort because it is very special, in addition to the old traditional baths.

If you are a fan of architecture in house shapes, you should visit Rustaveli Sail to enjoy the architecture there.

You can also visit the markets in the city and buy special gifts from there to be a beautiful memory of this country.

?What is the official language used in Tbilisi

The official language used is Georgian, spoken by 71% of the total population.

There are many types of Georgian languages. Where the population speaks languages ​​other than the official language of

Georgia, such as Mangri,

The Svan language, which is spoken by 11% of the total population, and Armenian, which is spoken by 7% of the total population,

Then the Azeri language, spoken by 6% of the population, and there is also the Abkhaz language, spoken by the population in


Georgian is a very beautiful language, but it is also one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn.

Then you can just know some useful words and phrases that you can use that can help you a lot in communicating with the

local Georgians.

Safety in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a very safe city even if the tourist is traveling alone, due to the presence of a lot of police and security in public places.

This will actually make you feel comfortable and safe in the city.

Tbilisi is like any city in the world where petty theft crimes can occur, especially at the statue of the mother of the Georgians,

but that was in the old times, but now the place has become more famous, safer and free of theft crimes.

You just have to keep your valuables in your bag and keep them well in public places.

And when you take the purchase step, you must see the ownership law and everything that characterizes any real estate,

whether this real estate is a villa, building, land or commercial real estate.

And all of this depends on the features and specifications of the property and its area and facilities

?What are the advantages of living in the city of Tbilisi

When investors and expats wanted to buy apartments for sale in Tbilisi, Georgia showed them many advantages of the city.

Which made them love and passionate about the idea of ​​living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

?Why is the city of Tbilisi distinct from the rest of the cities

Tbilisi is one of the most important cities in Georgia, as it is an important center for education and culture, as it is visited by

various students from around the world.

It also contains many higher education institutions and more than 100 scientific research institutions

The city is characterized by its moderate and humid climate in summer and pleasant warmth in winter, and there is an

opportunity for snowfall every year, which makes it a destination for many tourists who love to enjoy

It also contains many flourishing industries such as textile industries, shoe industries and leather products

Then it provides a lot of services in electric trains, mechanical machinery, agricultural machinery and electrical equipment

The city is also distinguished by its many famous tourist places, such as the Parliament and Government Buildings. Opera

Theatre. musical Institute

Shota Rustaveli Academic Theatre. Sambia Cathedral. Vorontosev Palace. Narikala fortress.

In addition to all these tourist features, Tbilisi enjoys hosting the Georgia International Airport, which makes it the first

destination for tourists.

?What is the Business Life project in Tbilisi, launched by X-Life

Business Life project in Tbilisi is a luxury residential investment located in the heart of the capital Tbilisi

It is distinguished by being in the middle of a wonderful group of famous restaurants and brands, such as McDonald’s, KFC

and other restaurants and international names… and many more.

?What are the unique features of the Tbilisi X-Live project

A luxury residential investment project located in the heart of the capital Tbilisi

It is characterized by being in the midst of a wonderful group of famous restaurants and bars, for example McDonald’s, KFC

and other international restaurants and names

The complex is also close to a group of international banks, as well as the Akhmatili metro station, Carrefour, Geldani Mall, City

Mall and other famous international names.

Our project is also characterized by the fact that it contains a commercial area, a car park, a children’s play area, as well as

administrative offices and many other services that make it truly a wonderful home.

?Why choose X-Life to invest with it in Tbilisi X-Life

X-Life has many advantages, and therefore it is the best choice and trusted by many customers around the world

Large spaces, starting from 32 meters up to 600 meters
Distinguished location, the projects overlook the finest lakes in Georgia, but enjoy the distinctive European countryside

Payment facilities, so you can own your unit now without interest and less down payment, and installment systems suitable for

Our prices are special.
There are many advantages provided by X-Life to live in Georgia, contact us to learn about them.

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