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Basaletti X Life, Lake Basaltei is characterized by its close proximity to the center of Tbilisi city. This lake is of volcanic origin.

About Lake Basaletti

Lake Basaletti is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level from the Basalteti Plateau,

and is surrounded by a series

of mountains.

There are also many tourist resorts and tourist activities in this region.

The Lake Basaletti region is famous for its beauty and

the beauty of nature there.

One of the wonders of Lake Basaletti is that it is not connected to any rivers to take water sources from.

But it derives its water through rainwater and melting snow on the surrounding mountains.

In addition to the springs in it, and all these water sources made the waters of Lake Basaltei rich in various minerals,

Which in turn turned into a therapeutic lake, where its properties help in treating skin, bone and rheumatism problems.

Lake Basaletti is also famous for its beautiful natural scenes, such as the scene of sunset and sunrise, which overlooks the lake

and paints a beautiful painting made by the Creator.

Lake Basaletti is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the city of Georgia, due to its scenic green nature,

In addition to the fresh air that emanates from the lake water, which has a beautiful relaxing effect on the soul

Undoubtedly, you will spend the most beautiful times of your life and will see the most beautiful sights that can be seen when

you visit Lake Basalte.

Also, Lake Basaletti is not restricted to a specific season or season,

but you can visit it at any time of the year, and enjoy skiing

on the lake.

In addition to enjoying swimming and playing well-known water games on its beaches,

in addition to enjoying the hobby of

fishing in the summer on the lake.


Georgia is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Middle Eastern residents because of its geographical location, as it is

bordered to the west by the Black Sea,

Russia to the north, Turkey and Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the south.

Al Sharq, a unique destination for all lovers

of medical and leisure travel.

Georgia is described as one of the safest and most resistant countries to the “Covid 19” virus, as it is one of the European

countries least affected by the new Corona virus,

Thanks to the strict measures taken to contain the epidemic, despite being open since the beginning of July this year,

The country has opened its borders to tourists, but it remains committed to implementing health measures to protect tourists

and their citizens for a safe and comfortable holiday.

Georgia’s preparations for the re-accommodation of tourists are divided into several stages, in the first stage

Authorities have begun helping companies implement various public health and safety guidelines issued by the World Health

Organization and other international organizations.

As for the second stage, it includes the establishment of special tourist areas to avoid infection with the Corona virus and only

allow travel for domestic tourism purposes.

Then the last stage began at the beginning of July, when the country’s borders were reopened and flights with certain

countries resumed.

Tbilisi is the most famous city in Georgia.

It is also located on the banks of the Kura River, in addition to containing a group of sulfur water springs that come out of the

ground naturally, with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

As a result, the name of Tbilisi is due to the sulfur baths and hot springs.

The legend of Lake Basalteti

Georgia contains a group of lakes that are located in plain and mountainous areas,

as it is only 60 km from the capital, Tbilisi, to the north.

Although Lake Basaletti is not famous, it is well known among tourists and travelers of some nationalities.

Lake Basaletti is characterized as a lake that is easily accessible because it is flat and at a slight elevation,

unlike the rest of the

lakes in Georgia, as it is located on the tops of the hills and mountains.

Lake Basaletti is famous and associated with one of the Georgian legends that tells the story of the golden-haired child lying at

the bottom of the lake.

The lake was formed from his mother’s tears pouring down on him all the time,

and therefore they do not know the source of

the water that feeds the lake, which increases the belief of the residents of Lake Basaletti that the secret of this lake is linked

to the magic of this legend.

X-Life launched the distinctive Lake Basalte land project

Lake Basaletti Land Project in the State of Georgia The State of Georgia is a sovereign country located in the South Caucasus

region, in Western Asia.

It is bordered on the west by the Black Sea, on the north by Russia, on the south by Turkey and Armenia, and on the east by

the State of Azerbaijan. In the following, we will learn about the details of the Bazaleti Lake Land Project:

Introduction to the Bazalite X-Live project

Lands on Lake Basaletti
It is only 150 meters from Lake Basalteti
The areas of plots of land start from 300 m2
The land has all the facilities and services
Building area 40% on two floors
Only 35 minutes from Tbilisi city

Why is the Lake Basaletti project now the best-selling project in Georgia, and it is also one of the highest-grossing projects

Sales at X-Life ؟

The Lake Basaletti land project is located directly on the charming Basaletti Lake near Tbilisi, and near it you will find forests

and scenic landscapes.

It is one of the most important areas that attract investment due to its rapid development, and therefore it is an ideal area for

setting up businesses and projects, as well as high-quality health entertainment; Therefore, the land is next to the largest

health resort in Europe, the famous “Basaletti Resort”.

?What are the characteristics of the land in the Lake Basaletti region

Environmentally clean area, close to popular tourist places.

Numerous health and leisure spas and training centers are minutes away.

It attracts tourists from all over the world due to its unique and beautiful landscapes.

Perfect for holidays and spending time with the family; So you feel comfortable and recreation in all seasons of the year.

The purchase process for foreigners only takes 30 minutes

 ? Why choose X-Life to invest with it in Lake Basaletti

X-Life has many advantages, and therefore it is the best choice and trusted by many customers around the world, we will get

to know the most prominent of them in the following lines:-

Large spaces, starting from 32 meters up to 600 meters

Distinguished location, the projects overlook the finest lakes in Georgia, but enjoy the distinctive European countryside

Payment facilities, so you can own your unit now without interest or down payment, and in installments over 12 months.

Our prices are special, starting from 92 thousand Egyptian pounds

Investing in Georgia

Georgia has become a destination for many people from all over the world,

For the purpose of escaping from the crowds of the city, or wanting to spend a quiet time completely relaxing in the vast green

spaces and charming mountain views,

Or even spend time watching with the family a new historical landmark, and spend a wonderful summer vacation in various

recreational activities.

So today and in this article, we are reviewing the aspects and points of construction in Georgia and real estate in Georgia, and

we hope that the buyer will be able to find all the information that he is looking for.

One of the interesting things that you might notice in this country is that you can see that many of the buildings (apartments

or villas) in the country are very simple.

The construction industry in Georgia is very interesting as when you get inside a Georgian house, it is usually very neat and clean,

So you can’t believe that this space was built in the same place.

Important note: It should be noted that with the significant growth of foreign property buyers and the economic and cultural

growth of the people of the country,

Buildings have improved a lot in recent years and a large number of elegant buildings in a few years have recently been built

in this country

?Why has the demand for investment in Georgia increased recently

Market Diversity

In Georgia there are many different fields and many markets that provide investment in various fields.

In addition to the presence of success rates and large profits for the investor, and this is what makes it a fertile ground for this.

easy procedures

Georgia offers many facilities for doing business on its soil for foreign investors, unlike most countries in the world.

Availability of manpower

There are many students and young people who speak multiple languages ​​besides Georgian.

They are considered one of the next groups to work in Georgia, and this provides a lot for investors, especially since their

monthly salaries are low compared to the workers in most countries of the world.

lower taxes

The tax law in Georgia makes it easier for investors and native citizens of the country,

Where the government does not impose many taxes on investors and facilitates many procedures

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