Batumi real estate

Batumi real estate, Batumi is famous for being a beautiful coastal city located in Georgia,

Where it is a coastal city located on the coast of the Black Sea.

The city of Batumi is famous because it is considered the second capital of Georgia after Tbilisi.

The city is considered an important commercial center, due to its distinguished location.

Batumi is located in a semi-tropical area, which made it fertile soil,

and it became one of the most important agricultural cities

in Georgia.

Batumi is called the pearl of the Black Sea, as it is considered one of the most important historical and tourist cities in Georgia.

Georgia is also known as an important industrial city in Georgia.

It is also one of the important tourist cities because of its antiquities and ancient history.

Batumi real estate

Buying Batumi real estate has become the destination of many people and investors nowadays.

The city of Batumi, which is located in Georgia, has become one of the most beautiful

and famous countries in the European


The city of Batumi in the State of Georgia is characterized by many features and ingredients that make it distinctive,

As it is a large and picturesque city and forces people to want to live and settle in it.

The city of Batumi is also distinguished by its wide green spaces and picturesque nature,

which dominate the features of this

beautiful city.

It is known in our time due to a lot of pressures and epidemics,

many people around the world are suffering from

psychological pressure and depression

Therefore, many of these people resort to escaping, living and recreation in countries that have a comfortable nature for the

soul, and that has the nature of the European countryside.

This is to get rid of the psychological pressure, anxiety and depression that many suffer from.

Therefore, the purchase of Batumi real estate has become not only a real estate investment for financial profit,

But it has also become the purchase of Batumi real estate in order to improve the psychological state and mood of many


The most important tips when buying Batumi real estate

First, the area of ​​the property, where the area of ​​the villa or apartment is considered the first thing that is focused on when

buying Batumi real estate,

In order to determine the price of the property well.

Where the prices of apartments or villas vary according to the difference in their area,

You can pay a very large amount of money when buying an apartment with a large area,

Or when buying a villa with a large area and consists of several floors and many rooms.

You can also pay a small or very reasonable amount of money when buying a small apartment

or a small villa consisting of at

least one floor.

The city of Batumi is distinguished by its direct view of the Black Sea,

which is a distinctive and attractive location,

Therefore, the state and investors took advantage of this advantage and the natural factor in establishing and establishing

many real estate, apartments and villas in this city.

The responsible authorities in the State of Georgia also confirmed that the prices of apartments and real estate directly

overlooking the Black Sea ,

It is relatively more expensive in price than apartments and real estate that do not overlook the sea,

and more expensive than

apartments and real estate in Batumi in general.

Therefore, the area of ​​the property and its location in the city are among the things that must be considered and taken into

consideration, when deciding to purchase real estate in Batumi.

Because this will determine the price of the property when investing in real estate in Georgia,

and when you want to enjoy a

high and prestigious social and economic level.

One of the factors that also control the rise in real estate prices worldwide,

Information about Batumi real estate in Georgia

The state issued a decision on the possibility of buying real estate for foreigners and registering it in their name directly

without an intermediary, with the aim of encouraging investors to invest in real estate in Georgia.

Therefore, you can buy villas in Batumi, apartments in Batumi, real estate in Batumi, at any time and without any complicated

procedures or documents,

Only you can own a property in your name in the state of Georgia if you hold your passport.

Also, it is not a condition when you own real estate in the state of Georgia that you be a Georgian citizen with Georgian

citizenship. The state has allowed the ownership of real estate for foreigners,

This is in contrast to many European countries that set limits in this matter and make the ownership of real estate in the

country a monopoly on the sons of the state only.

Georgia provides suitable real estate for all of the world’s population, where anyone can own a property within the state of

Georgia and enjoy the beautiful and attractive nature.

In addition, the climate of Georgia is good and distinctive in all four seasons of the year.

They will not bear anything but just enjoying and living in the distinctive European countryside atmosphere that many dream of.

In addition, you can choose the high social level you want to live in, with ease and at the lowest costs for the price of the

apartment or villa.

Also, you can sell your apartment, villa, or property again. There is ease and flexibility in the real estate market and in the field

of buying and selling real estate in Georgia.

What is the language used in Batumi ؟

Georgian is the official language spoken in the country, which is spoken by most of the residents of Batumi.

In addition to English, Russian and Turkish, which few know.

What are the advantages of living in Batumi ؟

The ease of life there where there are no difficulties, in addition to the welcoming nature inherent in the Georgian people.

There are more than 90 countries that Georgia allows them to enter and stay in for a period not exceeding 365 days, without a visa.
You can live in Georgia with great freedom, as it is one of the countries that supports the freedom of individuals, and the

practice of all legal activities.

You can practice all activities freely such as business, work or study and you can invite other foreigners to visit the country.

Georgia is characterized by the abundance of shops and restaurants that serve halal food.

There are many areas close to the sea in Batumi that you can live in, as they have wonderful and stunning views.

The government in Georgia has built a lot of real estate in Batumi, ranging from apartments in Batumi to villas in Batumi.

In addition to shops and many other important properties in the field of real estate investment.

Whereas obtaining a property or a shop or making any investment in the state of Georgia is one of the successful investments

that brings you a lot of money, as any investment in Georgia is considered one of the successful projects.

Real estate prices depend on many factors that determine the price of the apartment in Batumi, and these factors help

determine the price of the apartment that the customer is satisfied with.

Also, these areas are known for their high prices compared to the rest of the city, but despite that, the demand for them

increases significantly due to its distinguished location.

So if you are looking for Batumi real estate, you want to know all the information about apartments and real estate in Batumi

at a low price.


What does xlife choose to invest in real estate ؟

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